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Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Senior Parent

If you care for elderly people in your home, be it your mom, dad, or grandparents, encouraging them for daily exercise is a must. Exercise is considered to be a non-drug way to keep senior parents healthy and fit.

However, the biggest challenge is to make exercises quite enjoyable & safe for parents.
Exercises help seniors to get rid of pain, prevent fall risk, and keep them active with the best mood. Most importantly, seniors don’t have to be dependent on anyone physically.
It improves strength, flexibility, sleep, and blood circulation. When your senior parent exercises, they don’t behave stubbornly with agitation.

We present to you 10 exercises that will help you keep your seniors’ parents motivated towards staying fit & healthy:

  1. Simple
    Walking is one of the safest exercises around and is free. Walking around the yard, the house, or further for any amount of time is excellent for the body and mind. You could even blend the walk by doing an errand together like walking the dog or going to the supermarket.
    The sit to stand exercise helps to strengthen muscles required for basic activities like using the toilet
    Stretch while resting in bed – move various body parts and stretch hard muscles, this can be done with support or independently
  2. Moderate
    Stretches and/or muscle exercises – exercise this easy chair stretching routine or balance routine.
    Household chores – basic chores can be an excellent exercise, like folding laundry, light vacuuming, dusting, or washing the car
    Stay steady in a standing position – enhances balance and posture, can be a standalone exercise or part of daily activity like washing dishes
    Sit unsupported for a few minutes each day – reinforces the abdominal and back muscles required for posture
  3. Advanced
    Dancing is one of the best fun activities that don’t feel like exercise. Let adults dance to popular music at home or lead to a special dance party in the living room. Or, look for cultural events at senior centers that include dancing.
    Exercise class – some senior centers or similar organizations offer classes, you can let join them.
    Water exercise – consider going with your older adult to a social class at some senior center
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