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4 Values that Lawbell Lives By

Being a caregiver is not a cakewalk. But, it is an amazing and rewarding job. Not only can you allow your senior loved ones to remain in their house, but hiring a caregiver for them will also positively upgrade their life.

If your senior loved one shows signs that they may need additional assistance, caregiving may occur to you as the next step. We, at Lawbell, have years of experience serving seniors of Canada. Here are our
five core values that enable us to stand apart:

 Positivity
Depression can happen to anyone. When your loved one may be going through the end of a friend or spouse or undergoing health-related issues, it’s essential to stay positive.
Being a caretaker, we make sure to keep a positive environment for your loved one. We elevate their mood and spirits by being a trusted shoulder for them to lean on.
Excellent Communication Skills
Many seniors have some kind of trouble while communicating. Whether they’ve difficulty hearing or speech or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, you need to adapt your communication skills
to satisfy their needs, which is impossible.

This is where our caregivers work as a helping hand for you. We understand how essential it is to listen to seniors. We also make sure they don’t feel unheard so, we may ask them to repeat things that we
haven’t understood. Moreover, we may require to repeat ourselves, raise the volume, or reduce speed if your loved one is difficult to hear. Our caregivers make sure they always maintain eye contact, as this
enables conversing that much easier.

It’s also essential to remember that the majority of communication is non-verbal. So, we understand your loved one’s body language to understand what they’re trying to tell us.

 Encouraging
Senior isolation is a significant issue increasing in Canada’s aging population. According to researches, 51% of seniors feel alone, and seniors who experience isolation are also at greater mortality risk. Being a
caregiver, we encourage your senior loved one to get out there and experience life.
Our caregivers encourage your loved ones to engage in as many social activities as they can. There are several options for your loved one to get involved in the community, from water aerobics to bridge tournaments.

As your loved one’s primary caregiver, we are the first to see any changes in their eating habits, mood, or physical health. This will be vital information to pass onto the doctor and seek immediate assistance.

To notice these changes, however small they may be, we are attentive towards them.

Lawbell is a trusted senior care service provider with the best team who passionately takes care of your seniors. For information, you can get in touch with our team.
Phone No: 6476193039

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