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Best Foods for Seniors for a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one of the prevalent causes of death in both women and men. And the major risk factor for heart disease is age. Aging often results in a stiffened or weakened heart muscle, increasing the risk for this illness. According to various healthcare experts, among seniors between the ages of 60 and 79, nearly 70% have cardiovascular disease, and about 66% of heart disease deaths happen in individuals over the age of 75.

If you’re a senior or a caregiver to a senior with heart disease, there’s no perfect time to make changes in the daily schedules to improve heart health. Experts advise that making little changes can have significant results, and eating a heart-healthy diet is one of the seven factors to improve your heart health.

When blended with other healthful habits, eating a heart-healthy diet can help you manage blood pressure, blood sugar levels, maintain average weight, and reduce cholesterol. Whether your loved one already has heart disease, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, or wants to prevent these
difficulties, learn to follow a heart-healthy diet to reduce heart attack uncertainty and avoid or manage these conditions.

Eat Fewer of These Foods for Better Heart Health

It’s never more fun to eliminate preferred foods from your diet, so rather than making certain foods off-limits, it’s a greater idea to concentrate on eating less harmful foods. It always looks like the minute you make the food completely off-limits, you quickly have a craving for it. When shifting to a heart-healthy diet, focus on consuming less of the following foods:

 Trans fats that come from deep-fried foods or partly hydrogenated fats
 Saturated fats usually found in fast food, snack foods, and fried food
 White bread, white rice, refined pasta, and sugary cereals
 Packaged foods, especially those high in sugar or sodium
 Processed flesh, such as lunch meats, sausage, salami, and bacon
 Processed cheeses
 High-fat dairy products

Foods and Nutrients You Need in a Heart-Healthy Diet
Fortunately, eating a heart-healthy diet isn’t just about restricting foods. There are several foods you can add to your diet to have better heart health. Some great foods you should consume more of on a heart-healthy diet includes:

 High-quality proteins, such as poultry and fish – fatty fish like tuna or salmon are packed with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D
 Colorful veggies and fruits – fresh and chilled options are excellent
 Healthy fats, such as olive oil, flax seeds, avocados, raw nuts, and fish oils
 Low-fat dairy products, such as unsweetened low-fat skim milk or yogurt

 High fiber bread, pasta, or cereals made from legumes or whole grains
 Eggs
 Dark chocolate – at least 70% cocoa

These are some of the recommended diets by the top healthcare experts. If you’re looking for a caregiver who can push seniors in your house to follow this diet, then Lawbell is here to assist you.
Our experts have experience serving the elderly with great passion and improving their diet habits and daily routine. For more information, contact us:
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