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Nursing & Home Health Care

Lawbell Senior Home Care offers a range of home health care including nursing services to clients coping with illness and injury. Our caregivers make these conditions easier to manage while improving quality of life for our clients. we also help clients navigate the broader health care system, research care options on behalf of families, and advocate for our clients in interactions with medical professionals.


LawBell Senior Home Care understands you may need help with certain activities and a friend along the way. We recognize that feeling lonely is one of the leading causes of depression in seniors and our goal is to reverse the effects of isolation with companion home care.


End of Life Care

You will face many difficult decisions as you near the end of life and those decisions will include what kind of care you’d like to receive and where you’d like to receive this care. You will also consider who will make decisions about your care should you not be able to make decisions yourself.



Living room windows looking a bit cloudy? Kitchen floor in need of a sweep? We know that getting around to keep things tidy every day can be difficult and accomplishing your chores on your own may be


In-Home Cooking for the Elderly

LawBell Senior Home Care knows how important mealtime is throughout your morning, afternoon and evening. Our care team provides thoughtful in-home cooking services for seniors to ensure you have the most enjoyable culinary experience at every meal.


Personal Care

We understand how important it is to maintain your sense of independence. Some days, handling day-to-day tasks on your own, such as bathing and doing your own hair, can feel like quite a challenge. That’s why Lawbell Senior Care Services is ready to alleviate any extra stress in your life with our senior personal care services.


Caregiver Relief/Respite Care

It takes a lot of time and energy to care for someone you love. Lawbell Senior Care Services’s caregiver respite offers temporary relief so you can have a chance to recharge when you need to and enjoy more fulfilling and meaningful time with your loved ones.


Senior Transportation Services

Driving yourself to and from your daily activities is a large part of maintaining your sense of independence and normal lifestyle. We understand how important having your own transportation is for your overall sense of well-being and positive outlook.


Around-the-Clock Care

Your safety and peace of mind is our top priority. We understand there may come a time when you require more consistent full-time support at home and care around-the-clock.