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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors and Their Caregivers

In Canada, when the temperature drops covering roads to home roofs, it is fascinating to snuggle under the blankets for the entire winter. However, winter is not pleasant weather for everyone. It can be dangerous for the elderly. They need to prepare themselves for any kind of mishap.

Fortunately, with smart planning and caution, you can have peace of mind that the seniors in your life are prepared to handle anything the winter tosses at them and your elderly loved ones can know the proper steps to take to stay secure and healthy all season.

 5 Smart Tips for Keeping Seniors Winter-Safe

  • Prevent lapses and slips.

Well, those cold patches can be complex for everyone. But for seniors, any slip or stumble can lead to severe injury, from wrist and hip fractures to lacerations, head trauma, or even serious bruising that restricts mobility.

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait inside to prevent a slip. To handle ice and storm carefully, make sure your loved one has the right winter shoes with good traction and non-slip bottoms and, if they use a cane, replace the cane cap for best use. Suppose the weather is extremely staying home is a good idea.

  • Get ready for outages and winds.

Snowstorm blackouts may be overwhelming for the kids, but lack of power or dimmed power lines can lead to serious circumstances for seniors.

Prepare for short travel ability or black-outs by designing a disaster kit of required supplies and food to keep handy. Your kit should comprise of non-perishable food and water for numerous days, as well as a manual or battery-powered flashlight, radio, and battery-operated can opener, and extra batteries.

And don’t overlook the medicine! Make sure you have extras of your loved ones’ important medications and first aid box with you.

  • Check your heating appliances.

 Electric blankets, space heaters, and other energy sources may be cozy and warm in freezing climates, but they must be managed carefully.

Before using any equipment, check that there are no indications of damage, period, or fraying to the material or power cords. When in use, make sure you don’t cover the device and keep any heat tool away from combustible materials.

  • Keep a healthy diet.

 In the cooler months, dehydration and poor nutrition are major causes of bad health for seniors.

 Restricted time outdoors, lack of activity and poor diet can drive to vitamin deficiencies, particularly Vitamin D. And as it’s cold outside, it’s clear to forget a regular water intake—which can lead to dehydration. Focus on having adequate fluid intake and a strong, balanced diet to stay healthy and fight off the other body issues, all year long.

  • Hire Helpers for Seniors

One of the best ways to take care of your loved ones is by hiring a helper for seniors in your home. They’re trained professionals with years of experience and know how to handle it during winter. They make seniors feel at home.

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