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Best Etobicoke, Ontario Elder Care & In-Home Senior Care

Quality and Trusted at Home Assistance by Personal Caregivers

Lawbell Senior Care Services Etobicoke provides quality and trusted at-home health care for the seniors and Etobicoke Elder Care.

As the baby boomer populace grows, so does the need for unparalleled, trusted elderly caregivers. You have to think twice about strangers coming into your home or the home of your beloved ones to help with daily living activities.

Our Senior care Services

When you choose Lawbell Senior Care Services Etobicoke for senior care, you will receive customized services that are centered around the unique needs of your loved one. We can provide the type of individualized care many other agencies cannot. Lawbell Senior Care Services Etobicoke, ON is skilled at providing various types of senior care such as:

  • Companion Care
  • Personal Care
  • Social Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Palliative Care

Our in-home care program provides unparalleled help for the aged. Our elderly caregivers have the compassion and experience .

  • We care for those with disabilities.
  • We care and sit with the patient who is needing end of life care.
  • In-home cooking and balanced meal preparation for the patient
  • We love our vets and care for them with honor.
  • We care for stroke patients.
  • We care for elders with recent major surgery.

We can provide short and long-term care and daily respite care so that primary family caregivers can get away for a day or longer.

Rehabilitation Back into Society

In addition to caring for many patients in various circumstances and who are no longer self-sufficient enough to care for themselves, we are there to help. If the prognosis of a patient is suitable for complete recovery, our job is to help the person improve and meet independent goals, if possible.

Some assignments are short-term others are long-term. If the patient has no hopes of reaching independence again, we are with that patient until the end-of-life. When there is no hope for an increase in independence and the patient is at their highest level of functioning, we attempt to maintain this level so that the patient does not lose the small amount of abilities they have.

Vets need our help also for short and long-term care—vets who come home from active service with wounds and the inability to be completely independent need help. We can assist with anything that the vet needs according to what the doctor orders. We give support to family caregivers by lending a helping hand and offering professional advice to reach expected recovery goals.

Quality At Home Care for the Seniors; a Wish Come True

Most patients and their families needing assistance in their activities of daily living want to stay at home to recover. If recovery is not possible, patients and family members still opt to keep their loved ones at home, and comfortable in a familiar environment, if at all possible. Few patients choose for admission to a rehabilitation center, long-term care facility, or nursing home. Their own home seems more appealing and comfortable and looks for quality at home care. We find a few patients who want to leave the security of their homes and opt for a rehabilitation facility and this is alright.

We Take Care at Home Seniors

Our in-home health care providers are licensed, certified, trained, and bonded, and expected to give unparalleled at-home care to everyone who is in need, no matter what age, what race, denomination, or the diagnosis the doctor has given the patient.

Meet our wonderfully dedicated staff and tell us what you need and how we can help. We do our very best to meet your highest expectation.

Contact Us Today!

We are here to support your loved one with at home assistance. We encourage you, the patient, and the family you love so much. Give us a call today at +1 (647) 619 3039.